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Fundraising Tips:

Facebook Fundraisers!

Facebook fundraisers are an easy way to accept donations from family, coworkers, friends, etc. that goes directly to your donor drive! They can also see you progress towards your goal!

Venmo Boards!

Go to our instagram profile @rhodython and look for the story highlight named "screenshot!". There you can find all different kinds of venmo boards! This is a great way to get friends involved in donating to Hasbro!

Social Media Challenge!

Post on your social medias that if you raise X amount of money, that you will do something silly! Such as, posting embarrassing pictures/videos, doing a polar plunge, wearing a certain outfit, etc.

Loose Change!

From now until the dance marathon (Saturday, April 2), collect loose change to add to your Donor Drive. Don't forget to check your couch cushions!

Facebook Takover!

Ask your parents if you can log onto their Facebook and post your Donor Drive! This will help you reach more adults from all over the country!

Give Donations!

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Donor Drive


Child Health Day

October 3rd 2022 is Child Health Day! The entire Miracle Network Dance Marathon community  dedicates this day to raising money and awareness for kids who just can't wait. Click here to learn more about how you can help!

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