When you go to Hasbro Children’s Hospital, you can see immediately that it is like no other hospital. Hasbro Children’s Hospital was designed not only by architects, but also by doctors, nurses and support staff—and by the community. People came together for the dream that was Hasbro Children’s—and today, the dream is realized in a hospital that is a child-friendly place, with lively and colorful murals, with its own zoo, and with lots of programs that help reassure and soothe children. Most importantly, though, it is a place of healing.They are one of 170 children’s hospitals across the US and Canada that comprise Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Every minute, 62 miracle kids enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to receive treatment.

From cancer to a traumatic injury or a genetic disease, Hasbro Children’s Hospital always has their doors open and never turns a family away.

How can we save lives? We DANCE! Dance marathons are a growing, nationwide movement that has raised OVER $38 MILLION for the kids just last year!

Through our efforts, and the generosity of our families and friends, we are helping Hasbro Children’s Hospital realize our goal of getting kids healthy and getting kids home. There are no limits to what we will do for a child, but no matter how far we go, it’s the trip home that truly heals.

 In 2019, it is our goal to continue to grow RhodyTHON so we can help even more miracle kids!